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Byrne Software Technologies, Inc. Announces Employee Stock Ownership

CHESTERFIELD, MO (JUNE 20, 2024) – Byrne Software Technologies, Inc., (Byrne) one of the nation’s leading IT Consulting Firms, today announced its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), providing its employees the benefit of ownership for the firm’s continued investment, growth and long-term sustainability. 

The ESOP has material benefit to the firm. It allows for continued investment in quality, as well as operations and growth strategies, while maintaining continuity in leadership and commitment to a longstanding vision and purpose.

The plan has several objectives. First, to fulfill the Founders long-term vision of Byrne remaining independent and that the company's next generation of leaders will come from within; second, to help Byrne retain and attract talented people; third, to help clients in all areas of technology solutions with great service and expertise.  

“Over the last four decades, we have built a formidable organization thanks to our loyal, dedicated employees and customers. An ESOP is a great way to enhance benefits for our valued employees and translate this employee satisfaction into service levels which meet and exceed our sophisticated customers’ expectations,” said Catherine and William Byrne, founders of Byrne Software Technologies, Inc.

“Today’s talented professionals have many options in choosing where to start and build their careers,” shared Jason O’Bryan, President. “Byrne has long been distinguished by a culture which puts people first with a commitment to thriving together. The ESOP will be unique and innovative in our profession and supports our goal to be an employer of choice.”

An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan established as a trust, where current and future employees receive beneficial ownership in the company over time. Through the allocation of company stock, participating Byrne professionals will be able to access a retirement plan that requires no out-of-pocket contribution, helping them plan for their future financial well-being. 

For more information about Byrne Software Technologies, Inc. and its latest innovations, please visit our homepage or contact Corina Stegman at 

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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Byrne Software Technologies, Inc. (Byrne) is a leading provider of technological solutions, specializing in professional services, custom development, benefits administration software, staffing, and network solutions. With nearly 40 years of industry experience, Byrne is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive client success and innovation.

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