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Government Services

Accela and Byrne Software have combined efforts to bring solutions with a measured, cost-effective approach.

Byrne provides complete, Gold-Standard implementation, support, and custom services for the Accela Civic Platform with the largest staff dedicated to Accela Services.

About Accela


Accela provides a unified suite of cloud solutions trusted by governments around the globe to accelerate their digital transformation, deliver vital services, and build stronger communities.

Government Services Features

Our services are built for governments and populations of all sizes. We help you create a strategy that supports your goals and opportunities, simplifies your processes, shortens deployment times, and provides a real-world solution.

     -  Bluebeam Integration

     -  GIS Auto Update Solution

     -  Custom Payment Adapters

     -  Custom Public Web & Mobile Solutions

     -  BI Reporting

Custom Solutions

Our Accela certified implementers follow the proven Accela methodology to streamline the process to transition existing Agency software into the Accela Civic Platform.

Implementation Services

Our team follows best practice templates, customizes fields for each client, and delivers a real world solution that will adapt to each customer’s specific situation.

Configuration Services

Automate reports using data within the Civic Platform to produce reports via Adhoc, Crystal or SSRS styles with multiple formats extensions available.

Custom Reporting

Utilizing Accela’s data conversion tools and data template, the conversion of data can be streamlined with accuracy.

Data Conversion

Our certified Accela specialists are seasoned in interface development and the API’s available to allow bidirectional communication.

Interface Development

Our Accela certified scripters are using the latest Accela methods. Our team is versed in Accela EMSE 2.0 and the latest 3.0 methodologies.

Scripting Services

Our team will develop a program specific to the end-user based on user requirements, system knowledge, basic or backend administration. Accela system and custom documentation will be available.

Custom Training

Our team is comprised of former agency employees that provide real life experience to help agencies select the right products and technologies to solve problems today and plan for tomorrow.

Business Technology Consulting



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Built for Governments and Populations of All Sizes

When software works together, people can do the same.

Service Request Management

Provides an intuitive front end for citizens to submit requests and manages those requests through to resolution.

Cannabis Regulation

Navigates regulatory nuances with cannabis regulation software solutions that responds and grows with you.

Alcohol and Beverage Control

Simplifies and speeds the processes of alcohol license application, review, issuance, inspection, and enforcement.

Building Permitting

Speeds the time to review and issue permits and get to a Certificate of Occupancy, to help communities grow and prosper.

Planning and Zoning

Automates and tracks plan reviews and zone variance requests, to improve citizen satisfaction.

Fire Protection

Modernizes mobile fire inspections and permit processing, and provides public access to pay fees and submit applications online so fire departments can streamline operations.

Business and Occupational Licensing

Serve business customers better with fast, responsive business licensing and improve occupational licensing with online access and fast response times.

Rental Licenses

A solution to automate the short-term and residential registration processes in your community to protect citizens, increase revenues, and expand tourism.

Code Enforcement

Ensure public compliance with city codes and regulations by managing complaints and violations to achieve resolution quickly and efficiently.


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