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Jason O'Bryan



Bill Byrne

Chairman of the Board




We were founded in 1985 as William Byrne & Associates.  We got our first start providing programming services to develop custom software for clients.


First Employee Hired

Backlog grew to a level that requires hiring our first employee.


Start of the Benefits Administration Software

Developed the first module for the Benefits Administration Software for a client who operated as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA).


Professional Services Offering

Started the focus on providing our custom IT services under the heading of Professional Services.  Approved as a Certified Microsoft Partner.


Acquired Office Space

Business had grown to a level that we needed to acquire office space.


Formal Business Focus

The firm defined IT business services as Professional Services Project Work and software for Benefits Administration Services (Medical Claims Software)


Y2 K Claims Software Rewrite

The firm made a commitment to re-write the Medical Claims Software to a windows based platform and for the new software to be Y2K compliant.


Professional Services Business Grows

The firm implements the Prolog Software product.  The project introduces our resources to the Prolog Software group.  We grew our capabilities to offer Implementation, Integration and on-going programming services for Prolog clients


Benefits Administration New Windows based Software

The Benefits Administration Software division deploys the new windows based Claims Software products.  The Division started the process of building new related software products. (Collection & Eligibility, Pension, Premium Billing and Web Portal Products.


Prolog Integration Partner

William Byrne & Associates, Inc. partnered with Meridian (owns Prolog software) as an integration partner.


New Benefits Administration Software Modules

Expanded Software modules offerings related to the Benefits Administration Software suite of products


Prolog Reseller Partner

William Byrne & Associates, Inc. partnered with Prolog to sell the Prolog Software in our region of the country.


New Name

William Byrne & Associates, Inc. begins operations under the new name Byrne Software Technologies, Inc. (BST)


Grows National Client Base

BST gained new work through the WBE Status that was awarded in 2008.


Accela Integration Partner

BST partners with Accela to grow the Professional Services offerings with Government Agency clients with software implementation and integration services aligned with the Accela software product.


Kahua Software Integration Partner

BST partners with Kahua to grow the Professional Services offerings with Facility Owners and Constructions Companies.  The Kahua software offers us the opportunity to grow implementation and integration services for Construction Control Software.


Oracle Partner

BST partners with Oracle to establish a relationship focused on implementation services.  BST has worked with Oracle products as part of our Professional Services Division for over 20 years. 


Employee Stock Ownership

BST announces its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), providing its employees the benefit of ownership for the firm’s continued investment, growth and long-term sustainability. 


Byrne Software Technologies, Inc. (Byrne Software) was founded in 1985 to offer IT consulting, software design and programming. 

Today, Byrne Software stands as a leading national IT company specializing in IT Professional Services, Benefits Administration Software, Construction Management, Government Services and Selective Staffing. For the past 39 years, we have remained true to our core values, delivering software solutions from concept to completion based on our clients' objectives and goals. In a world characterized by constant disruption, Byrne Software is dedicated to helping businesses adapt and operate seamlessly anywhere.

In early 2024, Byrne Software unveiled its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), granting employees ownership to support the firm's ongoing investment, growth, and long-term sustainability. This initiative ensures continuous investment in quality, operations, and growth strategies, while preserving leadership continuity and commitment to the company's enduring vision and mission. Our foundation is our people.  We focus on attracting talented, customer-oriented employees to deliver best-in-class customer support and service to our clients, who range from small, privately held businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Our staff of professionals have both extensive technical experience and the practical business knowledge invaluable in delivering quality solutions.  Our approach is to present clients with options on how their projects will be delivered, with an emphasis on communication and collaboration.  We have developed a strong reputation for developing custom software and for implementing industry-specific commercial software. 

Byrne Software has received a variety of acknowledgments, including being named Best in Value and one of the Largest IT Companies by St. Louis media outlets.

Byrne Software has come a long way from the start as William Byrne & Associates, Inc. (WBAI) in 1985 which transitioned to our current name, Byrne Software Technologies, Inc. in 2006 to better describe our company while keeping our roots to its original name.




Bob Cook

Chief Business Officer


Karen Wilson

Chief Financial Officer


Kevin Garthe

Vice President


Mike Pool

Vice President


Amber Digenan

Vice President


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