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Benefits Administration Software

Our software is designed to make your benefit plan office more efficient, accurate, and compliant. You can count on our solutions for end-to-end processing, ease of use, data integrity, excellent customer service, and an eye on the future.

Benefits Administration Features

With full integration between modules, data is entered once and utilized by all of our products.  Its flexible technical design offers automation, secure and compliant transactions, and relevant reporting at your fingertips.  You’ll receive full support from talented and dedicated software engineers and customer support representatives.

Premium Billing

Easy, simplified, automated, streamlined billing and payments for individuals and employer groups. Retrieve and manage A/R data easily, quickly and cost-effectively.


Claims Processing

Flexible, friendly, intuitive, and low-maintenance processing for one or an unlimited number of plans, coverage types, and networks. Includes claims received by EDI files.

Collections & Eligibility

Complete, flexible contribution management including multiple collection contract, schedule, and account process setups for an unlimited number of members, funds, and rules.

Supplemental Benefits

Successfully manage any/all supplemental benefits with flexible, easy setup, automated payments, multiple calendars, tax reporting, year-end processing, software integration, and more.

EDI Express

Easily send and receive HIPAA-Compliant transactions between trusted trading partners such as Providers, PPOs, or Clearinghouses. Using PPO Networks, you’ll get more flexibility than ever before.

Self Service Web-Portal

Stand-alone or branded to your website, all members, trustees, employees, brokers, etc., will easily and securely look up claims, eligibility, contributions, and more in one place.

Online Enrollment

Guide employees online with information readily available to administrators and once approved, it automatically updates HRMS systems.

Pension Management

Easily track participants through retirement while handling complex plan specifications, changing legislation, and business requirements. You'll also quickly produce accurate projections and reporting.



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