Accelarate Breakout Sessions


We're excited to be a Gold Sponsor at Accelarate and we look forward to seeing you at Accelarate 2022! 

Attend break-out sessions from our award-winning presenters:


Teller Cashiering for Accela – City of Ontario, CA Case Study

Room: Fontainbleau

1:00 PM-1:45 PM MT
Track: Administration and Implementation Tips and Tricks
Presenters:  Christopher Bodolus, Sr Technical Lead, Byrne Software Technologies; Joshua Langemann, President, Can/Am Technologies, Inc.; Victoria Girkins, Software Developer, Can/Am Technologies, Inc.

The session will examine the Accela cashiering process and highlight features requested by Can/Am clients. We’ll walk through an end-to-end demonstration of the Teller/Accela integration, showing integrated voids, receipt printing, check scanning/deposit, and seamless credit integration.


  • An understanding of the one-stop Teller cashiering solution from Can/Am, and the Accela integration provided within Teller 

  • Ability to formulate roadmap for Agency to leverage this simpler cashiering solution for all needs 

  • Opportunity to expand automation between Accela and your Financials/ERP system through Teller's rich bank deposit and Financials capabilities

  • Understanding of options for implementing various POS devices and simpler device automation

Want to Get More Out of Accela Maps? Try Dynamic Themes!
Room:  Envoy

11:15 AM-12:00 PM MT
Track: Lessons Learned and Best Practices from Our Customers
Presenters: Daniel Sampson, Sr. Technical Consultant/Solution Architect and Tony Ledezma, Sr. Technical Consultant, Byrne Software Technologies  


Never heard of Dynamic Themes? You're not alone. Want to enhance your Accela GIS experience? Like an Easter Egg - come see they joy of finding out what is inside. Join us as we demonstrate how DT will unlock a whole new range of possibilities you did not even know you had available already.

  • Understand how to create a Dynamic Theme within Accela.

  • Learn how to add Dynamic Themes to your Accela GIS Admin.

  • See the benefits to setting up useful visuals.

  • Get feedback from the users of the system to create more and group Dynamic Themes in meaningful ways.

  • Learn how to showcase this to your customers to show your efforts.



Clean-up, Add & Manage Your Standard Choices the Right Way
Room:  Envoy

1:00 PM-1:45 PM MT
Track: Lessons Learned and Best Practices from Our Customers
Presenters:  Daniel Sampson, Sr. Technical Consultant/Solution Architect and Christopher Bodolus, Sr Technical Lead, Byrne Software Technologies


Understand what Standard Choices are and why they are necessary.

  • Discuss some of the most commonly used and needed.

  • Show you how to clean up your environment without causing problems. 

  • Talk about how patches and upgrades add new Standard Choices that your agency may be able to take advantage of adding and using.

  • Explanations for best practice on naming custom Standard Choices.

  • Provide suggestions on how to enhance areas that change often that you can leverage SC instead of adjusting scripts and reports!


Come join us to learn more!