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Accelarate Breakout Sessions


We're excited to be a Gold Sponsor at Accelarate and we look forward to seeing you at Accelarate 2022! 

Attend break-out sessions from our award-winning presenters:


Teller Cashiering for Accela – City of Ontario, CA Case Study

Room: Fontainbleau

1:00 PM-1:45 PM MT
Track: Administration and Implementation Tips and Tricks
Presenters:  Christopher Bodolus, Sr Technical Lead, Byrne Software Technologies; Joshua Langemann, President, Can/Am Technologies, Inc.; Victoria Girkins, Software Developer, Can/Am Technologies, Inc.

The session will examine the Accela cashiering process and highlight features requested by Can/Am clients. We’ll walk through an end-to-end demonstration of the Teller/Accela integration, showing integrated voids, receipt printing, check scanning/deposit, and seamless credit integration.


  • An understanding of the one-stop Teller cashiering solution from Can/Am, and the Accela integration provided within Teller 

  • Ability to formulate roadmap for Agency to leverage this simpler cashiering solution for all needs 

  • Opportunity to expand automation between Accela and your Financials/ERP system through Teller's rich bank deposit and Financials capabilities

  • Understanding of options for implementing various POS devices and simpler device automation

Want to Get More Out of Accela Maps? Try Dynamic Themes!
Room:  Envoy

11:15 AM-12:00 PM MT
Track: Lessons Learned and Best Practices from Our Customers
Presenters: Daniel Sampson, Sr. Technical Consultant/Solution Architect and Tony Ledezma, Sr. Technical Consultant, Byrne Software Technologies  


Never heard of Dynamic Themes? You're not alone. Want to enhance your Accela GIS experience? Like an Easter Egg - come see they joy of finding out what is inside. Join us as we demonstrate how DT will unlock a whole new range of possibilities you did not even know you had available already.

  • Understand how to create a Dynamic Theme within Accela.

  • Learn how to add Dynamic Themes to your Accela GIS Admin.

  • See the benefits to setting up useful visuals.

  • Get feedback from the users of the system to create more and group Dynamic Themes in meaningful ways.

  • Learn how to showcase this to your customers to show your efforts.



Clean-up, Add & Manage Your Standard Choices the Right Way
Room:  Envoy

1:00 PM-1:45 PM MT
Track: Lessons Learned and Best Practices from Our Customers
Presenters:  Daniel Sampson, Sr. Technical Consultant/Solution Architect and Christopher Bodolus, Sr Technical Lead, Byrne Software Technologies


Understand what Standard Choices are and why they are necessary.

  • Discuss some of the most commonly used and needed.

  • Show you how to clean up your environment without causing problems. 

  • Talk about how patches and upgrades add new Standard Choices that your agency may be able to take advantage of adding and using.

  • Explanations for best practice on naming custom Standard Choices.

  • Provide suggestions on how to enhance areas that change often that you can leverage SC instead of adjusting scripts and reports!


Come join us to learn more!

Please contact us for information on these subjects.

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