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EDI Express

Our EDI Express module provides users with the ability to send and receive HIPAA-compliant transactions between trusted trading partners such as Providers, PPOs, or Clearinghouses. Our software supports required standard transactions and proprietary formats used by some third-party re-pricing organizations. We provide more flexibility using PPO networks, which can lead to significant cost savings.



EDI Assist


This helpful tool is housed within EDI Express for easy access. It's main function is to pick up and drop off files from multiple trading partners’ network resources. It virtually eliminates manual processes for sending claims, thus saving you and your company valuable time and resources. EDI Assist can:


  • Start EDI Process Automatically
  • Process claims during off-peak hours
  • Retrieve from FTP, network, and intranet/WAN
  • Email error messages if file copy fails
  • Prompt automatic retry with failed transfers
  • Send EDI files to multiple locations



User Benefits


When used in conjunction with our other Benefits Administration solutions, EDI Express can save you even more time and money. It eliminates the need for middlemen by emphasizing information exchange between providers and payers. It also ensures:


  • No clearinghouse is required
  • No monthly reoccurring costs
  • Replacement of paper and manual processes
  • Standardization with payers and PPOs




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